The Best Microphones for Voice Over

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The Best Microphones for Voice Over

The Best Microphones for Voice Over

Voice over work gives you the opportunity to work in video games, movies, animation, politics, commercials, and any other industry that needs a powerful voice. You may already focus on the quality and strength of your voice, but you need to think about your equipment, too. The best voice over artists all have good equipment helping them. This equipment can elevate you as an artist, allowing you to do more with your voice and the work that you are doing. If you have the right voiceover microphone, you can create exceptional quality. Below are some of the best microphones for this.


Beginners or voice over talent on a low budget do not want to sacrifice quality. While you cannot get the high-end equipment, you can find some great microphones that will give you some amazing results. The Rode NT1-A Vocal Condenser Microphone is one of the better options. It costs a little over 200 dollars and comes with everything that you need for a basic home setup. Professionals oftentimes recommend this for beginner or light voice over work as it does a great job. It will pick up and isolate your voice while keeping the sound quality high.


If you can spend a little more, the Harlan Hogan VO: 1-A Microphone is the best voiceover microphone. Designed for voice over actors, it allows you to create crisp, clear sounds. At around 300 dollars, you will have the ability to bring out the best in your speaking voice.

At over 500 dollars, the Rode NTK Tube Condenser Microphone offers a lot for the price. If you need a wide range of sounds, changing pitch and voice type, you will want to go with this microphone. It is the best voice over microphone at this price range.


If you are willing to spend about 1,000 dollars, you want to pick up the Sennheiser MKH416-P48U3 Super-Cardioid Shotgun Tube Condenser Microphone. It is what you find with professionals in nearly all industries. It gives you the clearest, highest quality sound with the widest range. It focuses only on your voice with no background noise affecting the quality.

The Neumann U87, coming it at over 1,000 dollars, is perfect for voice over talent. Built for voice over work specifically, it allows you to use your voice work to your best ability. From a hushed cry to a boisterous laugh, you can convey the exact emotions and thoughts of your character. It the chosen voiceover microphone for most professionals.

The Brief History of Guitar Effects

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The Brief History of Guitar Effects

The evolution of the guitar has brought about new sounds and opportunities for musicians. What was originally a simple instrument with a few strings gradually changed over time. It changed in material and string amount, as well as overall shape. Several modifications occurred to alter the sound that you get with it. As guitars became electric, these changes progressed more quickly. First they perfected the sound for the electric guitar, making it clean and loud, and then they started to muddy it. Using guitar effect pedals, and other tools, guitarists have found new ways to alter the sound of the guitar. The new creation has become a critical aspect of many songs from the 40s and beyond. When looking through used guitar pedals and older guitars, you can see the evolution. When playing them, you can hear it.

Big Joe Classic Flange
Big Joe Classic Flange Effects Pedal

Origin stories for the pedal and similar guitar effects differ. You have stories involving Rickenbacker, Les Paul, and Jimmy Page. Stories that go back to the 30s. The goal for each of them, especially in the very early days of guitar effects, was to make the electric guitar stand out and become a powerful instrument. These effects provided musicians, companies, and producers a way to build a more powerful instrument that could easily stand on its own and gain popularity. These were just the beginning, though. As they developed these individual effects, the desire for more started.

As the desire for more impressive and a wider range of sounds developed, we started to see the rise of the amps. Amps had their original purpose and, like nearly everything, that purpose grew to include a variety of other uses. Major musicians, such as Ike Turner, began to play with distortions as a way to “evolve” their music somewhat. It produced sounds that they could not have with the guitar alone. It is what drove major acts, including The Who and Led Zeppelin, and helped them to become the greats they are, and helping to develop the vintage guitar pedals.

The next step was the many vintage guitar pedals and similar tools. While the Rolling Stones certainly led the way, everyone from Jimmy Page to Jimi Hendrix to smaller acts began playing with it. The guitar effect pedals quickly became a necessary tool for guitarists who wanted to produce gritty sounds. Few things compare to what you get with the pedal, especially with what we have today.

Today, pedals have grown and improved. You can achieve sounds and effects easily with the available pedals, and you can find a variety on the market. They have become commonplace in music. Even with used guitar pedals, you still get that raw and amazing sound you crave.

Music, It’S All Around You – Discover It

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johnny-automatic-music-groupEveryone loves music – it’s nice, it’s beautiful, it’s strong and powerful and in different times, it can be everything that you want. For those who can’t live without music, discovering its secrets is wonderful and it offers them the satisfaction that they need.

However, to find that music that makes your soul vibrate, you’ll have to know where to look at, so we’re going to teach you some tips and tricks for finding the right music for your ears. It’s not at all difficult and it can be extremely satisfying to know how to get access to something that you love so much, so let’s get it started.

The Online

That’s right, the online environment is the first place where you can start looking for the right type of music. There are plenty of choices available there, but you’ll have to know exactly what you’re looking for. The different genres are for everyone, but not everyone likes the same music, so you’ll get to make a thorough research to get what you want. As you certainly have something in mind already, when you make your online search, use the words that describe your favorite music genre or the band that you like listening to.


The Radio Stations

There are dedicated radio stations that offer you just music. When you see this, think about a radio station that has no commercials, no news, no talk shows – nothing to distract you. All they give is good music, but this is also divided – some give you country music, others give classical music or pop music and so on.

png_man_hearing_music_by_selenator003_by_selenator003-d5mt0kkThere are also online radio stations, and you can access them from any computer or mobile device that has access on the internet, so you’ll be free to listen to anything you like. The trick here is that you can hear new songs as soon as they are released, so it’s a good place to start looking for the music that you love.

Learning How to Play

If you’re willing to learn how to play an instrument, look online for different music schools or teachers who organize open classes. You will surely find something in your area, and the price is usually accessible. However, the musical instruments and gears represent what will be more expensive, as those are something that not everyone can afford.  There are also a number of online guitar gear stores that provide big discounts on guitar effects pedals, that can provide an alternative to buying costly new gear.

The Reviews

When you’re looking for music or for music gear, it’s important to also look for quality. If you want to have a prior opinion, look for reviews on websites. This is valid for anything that you’re looking for online, as the reviews are the first impression of people.

There are two types of reviews – some are presented by the users of the websites, who leave their Country_Musicpersonal opinions after listening to one type of music or using a certain musical instrument, while the second type of review is given by the dedicated review sites, who present opinions given by people who are specialists in that area – they will give you all the details that you want to know about a certain music gear, along with pros and cons for using it, along with other things that you’ll might be interested in.

All these reviews are useful, because you will get to know first-hand opinions of direct users, but also reviews that are a little more explanatory. It’s great to hear personal opinions when it’s about a band or a certain song, but it’s also great to know all those important details about a certain music gear. The most important thing is that a dedicated website for music gear reviews will give you the opportunity to compare different things and your choice will become a lot more easier when knowing what’s important.