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How to Be a Manly Man – According to Women

How to Be a Manly Man – According to Women

Are you a man or a mouse? Don’t know? Ask a woman, she’ll tell you. According to a wide variety of women, the following are the top 10 things they look for in a manly man:

There is a reason for this – no woman likes a man who has no confidence and, to be honest, you shouldn’t like you if you have none either. 

  • GSOH

That’s a good sense of humor to those who aren’t up with the lingo. If you have a sense of humor you’ll be seen as a manly man – just make sure it’s the right sense of humor!

  • Smell

If you smell, the ladies will walk, it’s as simple as that.  Shower and use deodorant before you hit the town, gents; it will make a difference to how women see you.

  • Fitness

The ladies like a man who works out, even if it’s only a little. It shows you care about yourself, about how you look. Swimming and running don’t cut it though; you need to be doing a bit of gym work or weights.

  • Looks

How you look goes a long way for a woman in determining how manly you are.  Facial expression is important as is what you wear so smile and look happy with life.

  • Respect

Being respectful takes you a long way in the manly man stakes. Women like to be treated with respect not as objects. Try to learn some good old southern hospitality – opening doors, holding out a chair in a restaurant, things like that.

  • Has Goals

If you want to be manly, make sure you have a direction in life.  Have goals and stick to them, it will make the world of difference.

  • Listens

This one goes hand in hand with respect. Listening is a key skill for a manly man to learn and will get you a long way – it shows you care. Listening can save relationships and marriages and it can avoid all sorts of trouble.

  • Has Hobbies

Got a hobby? Show it off. Women think men with hobbies are far more manly and attractive because it shows they have interests and don’t spend their life doing nothing. It also shows that you have independence – women don’t like clingy men, the same way men don’t like clingy women, and having a hobby shows you have your own life to lead as well as the one you lead with her.

Being sensitive doesn’t mean bawling during a sad movie but a certain amount of sensitivity goes an awful long way in the manly man stakes.

At the end of the day, masculinity really comes from within. It’s all about being yourself, being happy about who you are and where you are going in life.  Confidence will get you a long way, even if you think you are a loser and be sure to listen, with both ears wide open, when a woman talks to you, show her respect and join me, the “renaissance man” in being at the top of the manly charts.

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4 Things That Any Modern Man Must Be Able To Do

It’s a tough life, being a man. Previous iterations of men had it easy – building their own houses, hunting their own food and shooting at intruders from trenches or the top of a hill. Today’s modern man has it so much harder.

Today’s modern man refuses to follow in his forefathers’ footsteps, instead opting to be kind of flexible, with an almost rubbery attitude to life. To be fair, it is far harder to define a modern man than it ever used to be but there are still some of the old hard and fast rules to abide by.  The following checklist contains four things that will help any woman to know if her husband, partner or son is a truly modern man.

A real modern man must be able to:

  • Build a fire

Whether he is lost in the wilderness or in his back yard, a real modern man must be capable of getting a fire going the minute it’s needed or else he can be considered a failure.  Being able to start a fire has been an integral part of being a man for as long as humans have been in existence.

  • Run a mile

Everyone had to undergo physical fitness at school and part of that was running a mile. In the US it was known as the Presidential Fitness test and, if a bunch of school kids can do it then surely a real modern man can run a mile. Perhaps there is no need to have to run a mile all of the time but a modern man must know that he can haul his own weight for one mile without stopping – should the need ever arise.

  • Change a tire

On a car, not a bicycle. Some men think that car tires are changed by magic. Some are not even aware that a spare wheel has been hiding in their car for, well, forever.  A real modern man will be take the challenge and change a car tire at the roadside, without moaning that his hands have got dirty.

  • Divide a bill

Any modern man should be able to split a bill when he is on a first date without having to pull out a ream of paper and do all sorts of calculations, A real modern man will split the bill in his head, he will be able to work out easily what her breadsticks and water cost, before he subjects her to watching him play Halo 2 for the next 3 hours.

There really isn’t a great deal that a real modern man shouldn’t be able to do. He doesn’t have to have a cave man attitude, he doesn’t have to chase down his own dinner and present it to his woman and he doesn’t have to wear bearskins and hide behind trees with a spear – unless he particularly wants to of course.

Real modern men live real modern lives and know how to survive in any circumstance, in any situation that arises and, if you can’t start a fire or change a tire then consider yourself relegated to the girly leagues.

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The Manly Man’s Guide to Life

The Manly Man’s Guide to Life

What, exactly, is a manly man? Different people will tell you different things. Different people have different ideas of what a manly man is. The following are definitive traits of a genuine manly man:

A manly man is a swaggerer. He has pride and is self-assured and it shows in the way he carries himself. He does not follow anyone, he goes where he wants to go, and he wears what he wants to wear. He says exactly what he wants to say without worrying about what people think. A real man has confidence. A real man can get away with eating quiche, if he wants to,

A manly man does not quit. He goes through life with confidence, He finishes every job he starts and does not whine about anything. He will go above and beyond what is expected of him and bitching is not in his nature. He has a “will do” attitude and makes his own destiny.

A manly man eats.  He is not a picker, he does not sort his food; he just eats. He can order a meal and decide on wine. He likes his food spicy and he likes a meal to be a real manly meal, full of meat.  If a manly man has to cook, he does it with fire and has been known to use the exhaust manifold on his car. He may use a microwave but only because this carries a risk of blowing things up.

A manly man love cars. Any car except for one that is clearly a girly car, like a pink Cadillac for example. If it is a heap, he will know how to make it work. A manly man can do his own mechanical work. He loves hot metal, the smell of burning oil and his car must serve the purpose it was put on earth for.  A manly man has no air con and no loud booming stereo; he does not need them. Manly men like the sound of loud machines, the sound of the engine beneath the hood of their manly car.

A manly man wants to be entertained.  Music plays a big part in his life and is a reflection of him and his life.  He likes movies, especially Clint Eastwood movies. A manly man needs smoke in his movies – from tires, from fires or from guns or explosions. A manly man movie must have a woman in it.

A manly man has one weakness – women.  Not girls, real women.  He must be disciplined so he does not fall into the trap of being henpecked, of becoming a servant to woman.  A manly man does not need to use violence because that means he has no control. He does not abuse power; rather he uses it to his and his woman’s advantage.

Now you know exactly what a manly man is. Now you can go out, be a prime example of a manly man, strut your stuff around the town, go through life with confidence, and swagger.

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Clean and Crisp Tones with the BBE Sonic Stomp

Clean and Crisp Tones with the BBE Sonic Stomp

Getting Crisp and Cool Tones with BBE Sonic StompSometimes you don’t really realize what you’re missing until you see it. In my case, I discovered the unique powerful sound that can be rendered when you use a guitar pedal. Getting to the ranks of guitar greats like Jimi Hendrix is definitely a really long shot but it doesn’t hurt to dream right? I got the BBE Sonic Stomp because I believed it will improve my playing, make it a bit more powerful and dramatic.

I still have a long way to go but I cannot deny that using the Sonic Stomp made me more enthusiastic about playing the guitar. It’s really great for solo number or for playing the chorus of the song. I really like that even in the middle of playing a wicked number with distorted sounds and all, this pedal is able to create a distinct and defined tone of each chord – really unbelievable!

I’ve been looking for a way to improve my playing style by using more effects to make it really powerful. Anyone can copy the original version of a song, what can differentiate you from other guitar players is the ability to create a truly unique rendition which can only be possible by using special instruments like the Sonic Stomp.

Ease of Use

This pedal is so easy to use even for beginners. It helps you create unbelievable effects and can be easily managed using two knobs – one to control the bass frequencies and a process knob that puts in a lot of highs. It has an on and off power button which fits in nicely with the compact unit.


It comes at a really great price which is a bonus coming from a known manufacturer of quality audio equipment. You can see that the unit is sturdy and it places evenly on the floor. I’ve used the sonic stomp for several months now and it’s given me solid performance. Too early to say if it will be durable but I have high hopes for it. knocking and stomping it about hasn’t changed its looks one bit. This is really good to know because I plan on using it for a really long time.


The thing about this pedal is that I never realized how clear my music can be until I got to use it, I can practically hear every chord and note. The bass and treble frequencies are definitely enhanced which has made my playing more distinctive. The sound is really clear and crisp and it applies to all forms of music. Right now, I play rock, classical and sometimes I dabble with the blues and it adapts to all these different forms. In my opinion, it’s the best of guitar pedals out there. You need to experience it to relate to the difference that I’m talking about. It will give you a chance to play loudly and turn out an excellent performance with cool, clean tones.

BBE Sonic Stomp Review
Look and
The best guitar pedal available in the market. I recommend you should get one too.
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